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19 February 2015
Risky Business: Data Localization
By Katherine Kendrick

January 2015
Surveillance, Privacy, and Security: Europe's Confused Response to Snowden
European Council on Foreign Relations
By Anthony Dworkin

4 January 2015
Technological Sovereignty needs new international cybersecurity standards
Open Media Cluster

28 November 2014
Propaganda aus dem Valley
By Sandro Gaycken

26 November 2014
Netizen Report: In Vietnam, Reports from Prison Renew Fears of Jailed Blogger's Fate
Global Voices Advocacy
By Netizen Report Team

26 November 2014

Political Intervention in Regulatory Affairs Will Not Deliver Digital Sovereignty
Tech America
By Christian Wagner

24 November 2014
Die Maer von der Daten-Souveraenitaet – Studie: Plaene zur IT-Sicherheit greifen zu kurz
By Till Hoppe

“Transatlantic Dialogues on Security and Freedom in the Digital Age” is a joint project of New America in Washington DC and the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) in Berlin.